B2B 業務管理成熟度問卷

根據先前的B2B 業務管理成熟度模型 2016版本,我針對業務主管設計下列問題,協助判斷目前的成熟度。


1. How do you manage sales?

a. Independent, work on its own. – L0
b. I coach sales. -L1
c. They work as a team. ->=L2

2. How does your sales share information?

a. We don’t share. -L0
b. Email, telephone, and meetings. -L1
c. A centralized storage or database to keep customer information. ->=L2

3. How do you manage opportunities?

a. No management. Just win or lose. -L0
b. Sales report or meeting. -L1
c. Pipeline and sales stage. ->=L2
d. Sales funnel and conversion rate. ->=L2

4. How do you prepare sales forecast?

a. Guess or just a must-achieve target. -<L3
b. Summarize numbers from sales based on their confidence. -<L3
c. Summarize expected value based on win rate. ->=L3

5. How does your sales handle orders?

a. Create internal orders on Excel and pass to process. -!L4
b. Create internal orders in system and go through the order process. -!L4
c. Convert quotation into order in system and go through the order process. -L4


  1. B2B 業務管理成熟度模型 2016